The Millennium Development Goals Eight Goals for 2015

UNDP's role & MDGs in Kuwait

Kuwait has pledged its commitment to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the world community. Kuwait ranks 63rd in the Human Development Index of 2011. Despite its affluence, Kuwait is classified as a developing country and as such is expected to report on progress realized in achieving the MDGs. The first national MDG Report, prepared jointly by the Ministry of Planning and UNDP in 2003, and the follow-up report of 2005 show that Kuwait achieved most of the MDGs targets ahead of time. The country is expected to reach its remaining targets by 2015.

The challenges that Kuwait faces in achieving the MDGs are chiefly in the areas of gender equality and the empowerment of women (Goal 3) and environmental sustainability (Goal 7). While Kuwait is performing very well in the indicators pertaining to women’s education, literacy, and wage employment, the main difficulty lies in the political empowerment of women. In May 2005 there was a breakthrough in this area when the National Assembly (the Kuwaiti parliament) approved an amendment to the elections law, allowing women for the first time in Kuwait’s history to vote and run for office. Current democratic practices in the country should enable Kuwait to achieve this target by 2015. UNDP is hoping to work even more closely with both government and civil society counterparts to achieve this Goal.

On the environmental sustainability front, there are two indicators that present a problem: those on energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. Given the structure of Kuwait’s economy and its reliance on the oil production industry, improving these indicators is a real challenge. UNDP is working towards closer cooperation with all stakeholders to respond to these challenges to increase the institutional capacity of related government and civil bodies and also to promote environmental awareness among all sectors of the society.

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Kuwait MDG Report 2005

This progress report outlines the successes made in 2005 and before. It charts the way forward to ensuring stronger and more efficient delivery on commitments. During 2005, UNDP Kuwait documented its progress in the focus areas it was dealing with and outlined the pending challenges that face the agency whilst working to attain the MDGs.

Kuwait MDG Report 2010

UNDP Kuwait and the Ministry of Planning to produce the 2003 country report on the Millennium Development Goals as the pertain to the country. This report highlights the achievements and challenges of the year.

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