Support the development of the Central Statistics Office

Brief Description

Development of the statistical function in the state of Kuwait is considered one of the most important objectives of the National Mid-range Development Plan for Kuwait for the years 2010 - 2014. The fifth goal of the plan aims for  “Efficient and effective government administration”. The last two strategic objectives of this goal advocate for “Modernizing statistics activity and civil information systems to support development and decision-making processes in all areas” and  “Providing and supporting the basic needs to building an information society within the state”. Guided by these strategies, the Central Statistics Office has undertaken a comprehensive project in partnership with UNDP to overhaul, restructure and redevelop the statistical agency to achieve the strategic objectives of the plan.

Expected Outputs


  1. Capacity of the Central Statistics Office developed
  2. National statistical tools and information systems developed
  3. National information systems centralized at the CSO
  4. Policies developed to promote decision-making utilizing statistical
    methodologies in line ministries


Government Of Kuwait USD 3,500,000
Project Start Date
April 2011
Estimated End Date
December 2013
Focus Area
Democratic Governance
Responsible Parties
General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning & Development
Implementing Partners
Central Statistics Office
Project Budget
USD 3,500,000
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