Kuwait Integrated Environmental Management

Brief Description

Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) seeks to design a clear regulatory  framework that provides guidance for promulgation of Kuwait environmental law. Simply having environmental laws in place is not enough to address environmental problems. This project responds to issues related to air quality with expected outputs related  to  waste, water and chemicals will be addressed in the Government Action Program.  To respond to the country's urgent needs, an integrated air compliance and enforcement program will be established as part  of a comprehensive environmental management cycle to ensure that the regulated community meets the requirements put forth in the environmental law and its implementing  regulations. Ambient Air Quality Standards will set the foundation  for the regulatory framework that comprises Chapter VII:  Protection  of  the  Ambient  Air from Pollution. This project will establish the primary vehicle for implementing the law through development and implementation of a long-term  national air quality improvement and management plan. An automated self reporting system will be set up to assist KEPA track and manage emissions and ensure plan implementation. Aprogram infrastructure will be developed in KEPA supported by an automated Learning Management System (LMS) to track skill improvement and performance enhancement of KEPA staff.

Expected Outputs

  1. Providing technical expertise and international best practices to support the development  and  implementation  of   a  regulatory  based  integrated management system KIEM.
  2. Support  developing  a  strategic  Action  Plan  with  objectives,  targets and performance indicators.
  3. Support to enhance regulatory air emissions inventory.
  4. Establish discharge and monitoring permit system for marine sources.
  5. Support enhancements of  an integrated chemical management system, and finalizing the Integrated Environmental Management Systems.


Government of Kuwait USD 2,000,000
Project Start Date
January 2010
Estimated End Date
December 2014
Focus Area
Environment & Energy
Responsible Parties
Environmental Public Authority
Implementing Partner
General Secretariat for the Supreme Council for Planning and Development
Project Budget
USD 2,000,000