Promotion of inclusive and sustainable development through engagement with Religious Leaders

Brief Description


This project aims at increasing the capacity of religious leaders to contribute to a positive social dialogue on human rights and inclusive development in all aspects of life through:

  • Providing a platform for religious leaders to explore developmental and human rights challenges in Kuwait and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the need to address these challenges in all aspects of life.
  • Increasing awareness of the inherent harmony between the core principles of religion and the human rights based approach to development.
  • Identification of a core group of religious leaders committed to promoting inclusive development principles and build their capacity to serve as community educators among their peers and the public.
  • Production of materials including a training manual, documentary film and educational toolkits on the issues to be covered in the training sessions.

Expected Outputs


Capacity building among the religious clergy with regard to various development issues.


Government of Kuwait USD 500,000
Project Start Date
April 2012
Estimated End Date
Focus Area
Human Development
Responsible Party
Implementing Partners
Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Project Budget
USD 500,000