Democratic Governance

The Democratic Governance focus area in Kuwait addresses the high-level government priorities linked to development planning and good governance. Its outcomes include the capacity building of the national planning institution to direct the planning priorities of the state, promotion of transparency, instilling a good platform of professionalism and strengthening the accountability of public institutions and actors.

Our Goals

The Second Country Cooperation Framework between the State of Kuwait and UNDP for the period (2002-present) witnessed numerous interventions to strengthen public administration reform. Particularly, emphasis has been given to institutional and individual capacity building through enhancing the planning, judiciary and state audit functions.more

Democratic Governance in Kuwait

UNDP Kuwait works closely with the Kuwaiti Government to implement development initiatives.

Our Stories

  • National Assembly moves forward

    The Kuwaiti people's relationship with the National Assembly is a longstanding one. Ever since its inception, the National Assembly has not only been a forum formore

Projects and Initiatives


Support Project to the Kuwaiti National Assembly

Parliaments can play an important role in delivering good governance which requires a capable legislature that passes and formulates laws, keeps an eye on the activities of the executive and holds it to account on behalf of the citizens, and collects, aggregates and expresses the concerns, opinions and preferences of citizens. more

Support the development of the Central Statistics Office

Development of the statistical function in the state of Kuwait is considered one of the most important objectives of the National Mid-range Development Plan for Kuwait for the years 2010 - 2014. The fifth goal of the plan aims for “Efficient and effective government administration”. more

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