National Assembly moves forward


The Kuwaiti people's relationship with the National Assembly is a longstanding one. Ever since its inception, the National Assembly has not only been a forum for the Kuwaiti people to address their concerns, but also a symbolic figure of good governance - one that set the state apart from its regional neighbors at the time.


  • Information and general support for the National Assembly.
  • The establishment of a Parliamentary Training Centre.
  • Project is already underway and should serve Kuwait very soon.

When it comes to democratic governance, parliaments play an intrinsic role in delivering laws that help the advancement of the national standard of living. In order to do that, a parliament has to constantly evolve with the times and maintain a modern perspective of running itself.

This is why an initiative titled “Support Project to the Kuwaiti National Assembly” was born. A project set to provide these needs to the Kuwaiti public. Citizens of the country need to rely on a system that is robust enough to supply capable legislature that passes and formulates laws while monitoring the activities of the executive, holding all actors into account on behalf of the citizens. The project supports the collection, aggregation, expression of opinions of the citizens. It aims to help even out the power scale in the system and provide a medium of dialogue.

Mr. Mubarak AlAdwani, Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP Kuwait, explained: “The project has successfully completed the initiation stage. A project manager has been hired and the has submitted the activities plan for the first three months. So far, all signs indicate that this project has been long-awaited and will hopefully upgrade the functioning of the parliament’s tasks.”

The straight-forward functioning of the National Assembly in Kuwait is imperative, which explains why “it is important to enhance its effectiveness through assisting its General Secretariat in upgrading the skills and the capacity of its staff. The overall objective of the project is to develop the institutional capacities that allow the parliament to fully and effectively perform its constitutional mandate.”

Achieving the desired objective will include developing a long-term training plan to strengthen the National Assembly through establishing a Parliamentary Training Centre, which will serve in supporting the advancement of the entity.