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Cumulative Report


In September 2015, world leaders unanimously adopted a universal, bold and ambitious
agenda: “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” This
2030 Agenda applies to all countries and forges a comprehensive plan of action articulated
around 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 169 targets.
The 2030 Agenda breaks new ground by aiming at “leaving no one behind” and by
establishing peaceful, just and inclusive societies. It offers an opportunity for every country
in the world to address discrimination, exclusion, growing inequalities, natural disasters,
unemployment and lack of decent work among other important factors. The progress and
change we will achieve over the next 15 years will have a direct impact on the youngest
generations and on those to come. If we do not work with young women and men to improve the situation for youth, we will not accomplish the progress needed to achieve sustainable development. Young people are essential to the success of the agenda as a
Recognizing the important role that youth are playing in the achievement of development
goals, UNDP Arab States launched a Youth Leadership Programme (YLP I) in 2015 which
aimed at building well-informed young men and women with the potential to become
effective leaders in their communities in addition to harnessing the potential of young
innovators to contribute to the 2030 Agenda. YLP I proved that the interaction among young women and men creates space for learning concepts of tolerance, co-existence, respect, teamwork and analytical thinking to launch new and innovative discourse on gender
equality and women’s empowerment among the younger generation. UNDP is looking to
build on the success of YLP I with this second round of the programme by helping young
people ages 19-29 become engaged citizens, innovative problem-solvers, effective leaders,
and successful agents of change. YLP II provides space for young men and women to
contribute to building resilient and social cohesive communities by developing youth’s
capacity for analytical thinking and social innovation in the pursuit of achievement of the
SDGs, particularly in the following four thematic pillars: Gender Equality, Good
Governance, Social Cohesion, and Economic Empowerment.

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