Human Development

The vision of “putting people at the centre of development” has long been a theme of the United Nations, which why this programme is intrinsic to the work of UNDP in Kuwait. Human Development handles various elements important to the country's improvement including gender issues, traffic initiatives, learning disabilities and matters of the youth.

Our Goals

Promoting equality and stability with regard to human rights and youth development in order to provide better standards of living. more

Human & Social Development

Women's empowerment, improving the lives of people with learning disabilities and youth are three important pillars in UNDP Kuwait's Human & Social Development programme.more

Our Stories

Delivering on Capacity Development Objectives: Completion of the First Training Course on Crash Investigation (I)

In the framework of the partnership between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Interior (MOI) and General Secretariat for Supreme Council for Planning and Developmentmore 

Promoting awareness and recognition of people with disabilities

The State of Kuwait plays a significant and leading role amongst Arab States in terms of awareness, advocacy and recognition of disabilities and inclusion.  There aremore 

Kuwaiti woman voting
Raising awareness on Kuwaiti family law

  Raising awareness to promote gender equality and, in turn, the standards of living of Kuwaiti families is crucial to creating a healthy environment for humansmore 

Anti-bullying project takes off with the help of KNPC

In an aim to reduce the amount of bullying in schools and to decrease the evident violence that stems from it, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)more 

Job Shadowing Initiative under the Religious leaders Project

The job shadowing initiative is a landmark initiative, which came out of the project “Promotion of Inclusive and Sustainable Development through Engagement with Religious Leaders”. The project was one of the Kuwait Country Program 2009-2014 projects, which was implemented with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, where 300 women and men religious leaders received leadership training and 60 of them received the Training–of-Trainers program.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Economic Empowerment of Kuwaiti Women

    The programme aims at contributing to the economic and social development of Kuwait with a particular focus on the empowerment of Kuwaiti women, by addressing the problem of unemployment among women.more 

  • Implementation of the long term national traffic and transport sector strategy for Kuwait

    The Project aims to build a national integrated road safety information system (NIRSIS) which will enable the gathering and analysis of road accidents' data, traffic features, geographical information and related issues, to provide decision makers and practitioners with reliable data for efficient policy development and implementation schemes. more 

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