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Anti-bullying project takes off with the help of KNPC

In an aim to reduce the amount of bullying in schools and to decrease the evident violence that stems from it, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) signed a new agreement with the United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait. The project is titled “Fostering Youth Resiliency in Kuwait and it amore


Promoting awareness and recognition of people with disabilities

The State of Kuwait plays a significant and leading role amongst Arab States in terms of awareness, advocacy and recognition of disabilities and inclusion.  There are currently 27,000 registered persons with disabilities in Kuwait benefiting from a diverse range of benefits and services that gumore


Raising awareness on Kuwaiti family law

  Raising awareness to promote gender equality and, in turn, the standards of living of Kuwaiti families is crucial to creating a healthy environment for humans to functions. Therefore, a greater understanding of law and its protections can guide a society with the needed to tools in prosper anmore

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