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Anti-bullying project takes off with the help of KNPC

In an aim to reduce the amount of bullying in schools and to decrease the evident violence that stems from it, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) signed a new agreement with the United Nations Development Programme in Kuwait. The project is titled “Fostering Youth Resiliency in Kuwait and it amore


Kuwait celebrates successful Earth Hour, Environmental Month

22 Mar 2012

  In cooperation with Kuwait Global Warming Team, UNDP Kuwait supported the celebration of Earth Hour during Kuwait’s Environmental Month along with several other agencies and actors. During Earth Hour, local businesses where encouraged to turn off their electricity for an hour to raise awaremore

Kuwait funds 10 JPO posts to support international UN operations

25 Jun 2013

In November 2012, the State Minister for Planning and Development launched a joint initiative with the Kuwait United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to recruit 10 young Kuwaiti professionals for employment as Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) in offices of the United Nations around the globe.more


Mapping out an environmental plan

  The issue of the Kuwaiti environment is a long overdue concern. Like the rest of the world, Kuwait is trying to take steps to better its environmental progress and protect its climate. Initiatives in place plan to approach this issue from many angles. An important one includes highlighting thmore


National Assembly moves forward

The Kuwaiti people's relationship with the National Assembly is a longstanding one. Ever since its inception, the National Assembly has not only been a forum for the Kuwaiti people to address their concerns, but also a symbolic figure of good governance - one that set the state apart from its regionmore