UNDP, Ministry of State for Youth Affairs celebrate International Youth Day

12 Aug 2014


On August 12 Kuwait – along with the rest of the world – celebrated International Youth Day at a small ceremony at the National Library of Kuwait. Among those in attendance was Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al Sabah, who reaffirmed Kuwait’s desire to give the youth a greater role in society. “The youth’s rights to education, work, healthcare and decent housing are enshrined in the Kuwaiti constitution with a view to enhancing their competitive edge,” he said.
He stressed on the need to create jobs for the youth in both the educational and the vocational fields in order to help better assimilate them into society in a larger role.
Sheikh Salman indicated a future in which Kuwait can enjoy greater prosperity and international standing, and announced the launch in 2015 of the Youth Council, which will help to further communication between the Kuwaiti youth and civil institutions alike, as well as aid them in “perusing their opinions and perceptions to build a strong, modern nation.”
He further discussed the high importance Kuwait places on taking care of its youth, particularly those with special needs who suffer from difficulties that can affect their development and integration into society. “I am happy to assure you that the State of Kuwait has made great strides with regard to therapeutic awareness, as well as developing their skills and integrating them for the honor of serving this beloved nation.”
The Minister also stressed on the importance of the partnership and cooperation between the ministries and the United Nations Development Programme, especially “to develop the capacities of the youth sector in Kuwait.”
For his part, the UN’s Resident Coordinator and UNDP’s Resident Representative Dr. Mubashar Riaz Sheikh also spoke on the occasion of International Youth Day, praising Kuwait and its efforts to address issues and concerns dealing with the youth, stating that nearly 60% of Kuwait’s population is made up of that age group.
Dr. Mubashar stressed the UNDP’s commitment to youth empowerment and youth initiatives within the country, stressing, “Recently, the UNDP launched its first global Youth Strategy (2014-2017) explicitly stating this commitment with three outcomes: (1) increased economic empowerment of youth, (2) enhanced youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making and political processes and institutions and (3) strengthened youth engagement in resilience building.”
Kuwait also signed a memorandum on Tuesday, enhancing its current partnership with the United Nations regarding policies that can empower the youth.
Dr. Mubashar concluded by complimenting the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs on their achievements and ability and desire to work with the different civil societies and members of the community with the “ultimate goal of securing a better future for youth in Kuwait.”