The State’s vision for 2035 sees the country transformed into a vibrant trade and financial hub of the region. The government of Kuwait appreciates that this aspiration can only be realized with the support of efficient, transparent, accessible, and accountable institutions.  In this area, UNDP, in collaboration with the United Office for Crime and Drugs (UNODC), supports its national partners develop and implement national strategies for anti-corruption in accordance with the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), in consultation with representatives from government, non-government and civil society organizations.  In addition, UNDP continues to extend its technical assistance on improving professional practices and in building institutional capacity of Kuwait’s State Audit Bureau (SAB).

Our Goals

In response to requests from several government entities, UNDP extends its technical assistance for improving institutional good governance frameworks, institutional capabilities, and the embedding of the principles and practices of transparency, accountability, and efficiency into public and private institutions. UNDP capitalizes on its global-wide expertise in advising its national partners on relevant and applicable international best practices for employing evidence-based policy, making frameworks where innovative methodologies for policy assessment, review, and experimentation can be integrated. UNDP also supports the government with developing strategies and techniques to validate the effectiveness and applicability of public policies prior to their actual launch, to ensure higher success rates and more sustainable implementation in line with latest innovative and proven governance models.

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