Bringing national regulatory systems at par with global GRC Standards and Best Practices   

*GRC: Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

At the request of and in partnership with the Government of Kuwait, UNDP provides technical and policy support to GSSCPD, the Central Statistics Bureau (CSB) and other government entities, for the implementation of Kuwait Vision 2035 and its national development plan (KNDP).  The key strategic initiatives include the institutional strengthening and support to the GSSCPD, advising on the economic outlook and reforms, the launching of a national branding campaign on Vision 2035 and the Kuwait Development Plan.  On another strategic initiative, UNDP supports the State Audit Bureau (SAB) to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the oil, health and educations sectors, along with a governance framework for their implementation, as well as supporting SAB in building audit capacity across 35 government entities.  And in partnership with KFAS, UNDP extends its technical assistance to GSSCPD with the functioning of its newly established Kuwait Public Policy Center (KPPC).  Further, and to ensure Kuwait’s commitment to UNCAC, UNDP Kuwait, with the support of the UNDP regional Anti-Corruption Programme and the UNODC, has initiated a new partnership with the Kuwait’s NAZAHA (Public Authority for Anti-Corruption) to develop the country’s national strategy on anti-corruption as well as NAZAHA’s internal strategy and its capacity building for the implementation of its national strategy.

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