Human Development


UNDP supports the government of Kuwait in attaining the goals outlined in the 7 pillars of the country’s national development plan. This includes Pillar 6, concerning ‘Creative Human Capital.’ Kuwait ranks high on the Human Development Index (HDI), maintaining an average of 0.78 from 1980 to 2014, now standing at 0.814, and is the first on Arab countries in gender equality in education.  Kuwait continues to aim higher on international indicators to ensure optimal opportunities are secured for women in leadership positions both in the public and private sectors.  Kuwait is also keen to ensure adequate implementation of the law on persons with disabilities, as well as persons with societal vulnerabilities, including women, children, and senior citizens.  The youth of Kuwait, representing around 72% of total population are the focus of long term attention of the government.  Within these parameters, UNDP supports its national partners in reviewing and revising existing legal and administrative systems and in developing national strategies and implementation matrices to improve on the quality of public service delivery in this area.

Our Goals

To support Kuwait with its national development planning, UNDP extends cross-sectoral technical assistance. Focus is given on supporting the government of Kuwait produce its Human Development Report (HDR) 2016, a flagship report that is significant in helping guide the country’s long-term strategic planning. Furthermore, UNDP supports Kuwait in its efforts to narrow existing gaps which were identified in its current education and health systems, as well as its social welfare and safety nets. UNDP focuses its technical expertise in helping Kuwait build its human and institutional capacities. It also supports Kuwait’s plans for the empowerment of youth, women, and the disabled for a more inclusive and sustainable participation of the country’s human capital and their longer-term employability in an ever-changing job market.


Programmes and Initiatives

Support Kuwait’s implementation of SDG 5
Institutional Strengthening and Strategic Development Of Public authority for Sport (PAS)
Youth Empowerment in kuwait
Kuwait Human Development Report
Achieving Kuwait 2035 Vision Towards Persons with Disability


Women Empowerment

Equal economic participation of men & women boosts national GDP by 34%

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