Drafting SME Legislation

Brief Description


The Kuwaiti Parliament with the Government is urgently looking into passing a law that supports Small and Medium Enterprises (‘SME’) to encourage young adults to enter the private sector and become entrepreneurs as well as to create job opportunity for the huge inflow of job seekers annually. Kuwait lacks a law that supports and promotes SME development. The Ministry of Trade and Industry, UNDP and Kuwait Economic Society will collaborate in formulating an SME law that takes into account international best practices, and avoids common pitfalls and drawbacks.

Expected Outputs


3.1.3 Regulations enacted to enhance the overall competiveness of the economy               
3.2.1  Reduced administrative barriers to stimulate SME entry
3.2.2 Financing opportunities created for SME expansion
3.2.3 Managerial capacity of SME developed  


Government Of Kuwait USD 113,300

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