Institutional Capacity Development for Implementation of the Kuwait National Development Plan (ICDI/KNDP)

What is the project about?

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The Government of Kuwait is keen to activate the planning function within the State in order to ensure the optimal use and best distribution of available resources to support social and economic progress thereby leading to economic growth and raising the quality of life for Kuwaiti citizens.

Building on the achievement of the previous CPAP the ICDI/KNDP will facilitate the provision of technical assistance to strength essential planning capacities.

The General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (GSSCPD) was responsible for elaborating, coordinating and overseeing the Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP) which addresses the challenges of economic development, human and social development, the efficiency of state institutions and administration and combating corruption, in accordance with H.H. the Amir’s State Vision “Kuwait 2035” especially the transformation of Kuwait as a commercial and financial hub for the region. The five strategic objectives of this vision are:

1.       Institutional and technical capacity;

2.       Relationship with government agencies and other stakeholders;

3.       Improved capability of technical support  to ensure better quality outputs;

4.       Knowledge management; and

5.       External communication.

UNDP and GSSCPD signed a project document in September 2011 to support the GSSCPD by providing technical experts who contributed to the development of the first five year Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP).

The second KNDP was approved by the Kuwait National Assembly in 2015.UNDP continues to support the GSSCPD in the implementation of this plan, with new project document ICDI/KNDP, which commenced in July 2015. The expected outcome of this project is: “Capacities of the GSSCPD and Key Government Agencies in Development Planning, Coordination and Monitoring Developed for Effective Implementation of the KNDP”, to be reached through the following three specific outputs, as outlined below:

I- Improved human capacity and organizational effectiveness of the GSSCPD for development planning

In March 2015, a mission of external experts on public administration was deployed to study the capacity of GSSCPD and recommend restructuring options for more effective delivery of the GSSCPD mandate. The business model for a transformed GSSCPD, as suggested by the consultants included the following:

·         Internationally, a recognized institution of planning excellence in the region.

·         Nationally, a respected institution facilitating Kuwait’s Vision 2035 and National

          Development Plans.

·         Within government, an institution equipped to design, implement and oversee

          long-term/strategic and short-term/responsive policies addressing Kuwait’s major

          development challenges and opportunities.

II- Enhanced institutional and human capacities of the CSB for evidence-based plans and policies on sustainable development Support

In 2011 a technical assistance project for the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) was launched. The expected outputs of the project were:

·         Capacity of the Central Statistical Bureau developed;

·         National statistical tools and information systems developed;

·         National information systems centralized at the CSB; and

·         Policies developed to promote decision-making utilizing statistical methodologies in line


The project achieved strong results in key areas, including upgrading the Foreign Trade Information System; developing and releasing the Consumer Price Index of Kuwait; and upgrading the CSB’s sampling and surveys methodologies, process and quality assurance procedures in preparation for the 2020 census.

The ICDI/KNDP project will support effective management of the CSB and planning for development results by ensuring that technical expertise is focused on building the capacity of CSB to generate evidence-based analysis.

III- Increased technical expertise and institutional capacities for strategic planning and implementation of KNDP projects by public entities

The project provided specialised technical expertise to a broad range of government institutions to support in the implementation of national strategies and plans.

ICDI/KNDP under the UNDP will continue to ensure the provision of top-level technical advisory services to targeted government institutions, including the areas of strategic planning and development; information technology; administrative restructuring; youth development; statistics and demography; and construction management and engineering.


·   Building the capacity of GSSCPD and other government institution staff

·   Responding to the needs of various government institutions

·   Economic models developed to support in decision making

·   Training of GSSCPD Public Relations Department on strategic planning

·   Building the capacity of the Central Statistical Bureau

·   Generating a national statistical and information form developed tools and systems.

·   Centralized national information systems at the CSB.

Who finances this project?

Goverment of Kuwait.

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