What is the project about?

The Government of Kuwait is keen to activate the planning function within the state in order to ensure the optimal use and best distribution of available resources to support social and economic progress thereby leading to economic growth and raising the quality of life for the citizens of the state. The General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development (GSSCPD) was responsible for formulating the 2035 vision for the state and the strategic development objectives of the Mid-Range Development Plan (MRDP) which was endorsed by the parliament in 2010.

 UNDP is supporting the GSSCPD to ensure that there is a conducive environment for the implementation of the MRDP interventions and programmes. Five strategic priority issues constitute the main components of this three year project:

  1.   Institutional and Technical Capacity
  2.   Relationship with government agencies and other stakeholders
  3.   Improved capability of technical support  to ensure better quality output       
  4.   Knowledge Management
  5.   External Communication

This project focuses on responding to the capacity building needs of GSSCPD and other governmental entities. The project has provided technical expertise to the following government institutions to support in the implementation of national strategies and plans:

  •   GSSCPD
  •   Central Statistics Bureau
  •   Office of the State Minister of Planning and Development
  •   Public Authority for Industry
  •   Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  •   Ministry of Finance
  •   Supreme Council for Privatization
  •   Ministry of State for Youth Affairs
  •   Central Agency of Information Technology
  •   Ministry of Education
  •   Public Authority for Education and Training
  •   National Offset Company
  •   Amiri Diwan
  •   Public Authority for Anti-Corruption

UNDP has provided experts to the above ministries in the following areas:  strategic planning and development; information technology; administrative restructuring; youth development; statistics and demography; construction management and engineering;  education and curriculum reconstruction; communications, media, and public awareness; economic development; privatization and public/private partnership; preparation of national MDG and Human Development Reports;  and social cohesion and national unity.  In addition, UNDP and GSSCPD also have launched the Junior Professional Officers program for Kuwaitis.

Kuwaiti Junior Professional Officers

In 2013, Kuwait became the only Arab State currently to have UNDP Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) deployed on duty. In collaboration with the JPO Service Centre, UNDP supported the deployment of 10 Kuwaiti JPOs as follows: 9 to UNDP offices worldwide (New York, Istanbul, Copenhagen and Bridgetown) and 1 to UNIDO (Vienna).  A key aim of the JPO project is to enhance national capacity to provide technical expertise and direction to the national development agenda through the next planning cycle and beyond. It is anticipated by UNDP and the Government partner that a significant proportion of the JPOs will seek government service upon completion of their assignment and posts for funding were selected by the Government in both recruitment rounds on this basis. In light of this, UNDP Kuwait is exploring modalities to develop a network of JPOs to enhance communication and coordination with incoming recruits to the programme and to encourage ongoing collaboration with UNDP upon their return to Kuwait.


Expected Outputs

  •  Building the capacity of GSSCPD and other government institution staff 
  • Launch of the JPO Programme
  •  Responding to the needs of various government institutions
  •  Economic models developed to support in decision making
  • Training of GSSCPD Public Relations Department on strategic planning
  • Building the capacity of GSSCPD staff to revamp the GSSCPD website for increased transparency and public access to information.
  • Support to the State Ministry for Youth Affairs to develop the “National Framework for Youth empowerment and Engagement”


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