Support the development of the Central Statistics Office

What is this project about?

Development of the statistical function in the state of Kuwait is considered one of the most important objectives of the National Mid-range Development Plan for Kuwait (2010-2014). The national plan advocates for modernizing statistical activities and civil information systems to support development and decision making processes in all areas. It calls for providing and supporting the basic needs to building an information society within the state.
Guided by these strategies, UNDP is providing technical expertise to the Central Statistics Bureau (CSB) to develop their information systems to support development planning. This is achieved through technical interventions to support information management, monitoring and evaluation of human development and economic indicators, centralizing the information networks within the state and developing new policies to support decision-making by utilizing the latest analytical tools and statistical methodologies. The project seeks to promote new information management policies to enhance development planning through decision-support systems.
This project aims to reinforce the statistical function within the state and reclaim CSB’s role as a lead agency for development information and national statistics. UNDP provides technical support to CSB in various areas including statistical modelling, foreign trade statistics, labour market information systems, economic statistics, census, sampling and demography.

What have we accomplished so far?

  •  Developed a dynamic forecasting econometric  model
  •  Drafted a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kuwait Customs Administration
  •  Building the capacity of Central Statistics Bureau national staff
  • Organized a visit to the Moroccan Directorate of Statistics to build capacities and develop best practices. Drafted an MoU for CSB and Moroccan Ministry of Planning to develop future cooperation
  • User-friendly systems developed to accelerate time of publishing statistics

Who finances this project?

Government of Kuwait

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