Kuwait Integrated Environmental Information Network Phase-IV

Brief Description

The Kuwait Integrated Environmental Information Network-Phase IV (KIEIN-IV) is an integrated GIS –based solution to unify, enhance, document, and disseminate essential environmental indicator data and spatial decision support system tools (SDSS) and services via the internet using Web GIS technology.  The environmental geographic and attribute database developed in the previous phases of KIEIN (I- III) are currently accessible within KISR and serve as the foundation for the upcoming and final phase.  This final phase of KIEIN is planned within the Environmental Sustainability focus area in the Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP 2010-2014) and will result a study to document environmental indicators and SDSS tools that are essential to protecting Kuwaiti habitats.  This will make that data and tools available in a GIS form that is useful and easily to accessible interested researchers in Kuwait and around the world.

Expected Outputs

Output 4.3.1 Continuing to provide technical assistance, expertise and best practices to:

  1. Produce a study on relevant environmental indicators for Kuwait
  2. Expand and enhance the KIEIN GIS website as an environmental data dissemination tool
  3. Promote awareness and usage of the KIEIN GIS website toward protecting Kuwaiti habitats


Government of Kuwait USD 1,200,000

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