Achieving Kuwait 2035 Vision Towards Persons with Disability

What is the project about?

The Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA) is a Governmental entity, part of its mandate is to implement an integrated action plan clearly responsible for all aspects of persons with disability welfare, in addition to provide solutions for diagnostic and rehabilitation challenges and the ongoing extensive social care services for all nationals with disabilities on an equal basis. The focus areas of PADA work includes: promotion of awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities, sustainable development targets aiming to fully integrate persons with disability within the an inclusive society model, in addition to provide sustainable priority services including: prevention levels, medical rehabilitation, education, vocational training services and to coordinate collaborative efforts around the international and regional disability conventions with an aim to achieve and implement the country ratification of the United Nations Convention for Persons with Disability (UNCRPD).

The project will provide a framework for technical support to the PADA and other Governmental entities dealing with persons with disability to create an enabling environment for Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP) vision and outcomes towards persons with disability. This project will also ensure sustainability of work by transferring knowledge, skills and capacities to PADA, other related public entities and civil society organizations working for the benefit and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

Expected outputs:

Outcome 1: Enhanced human capacities and organizational effectiveness towards prevention, early detection and accurate diagnosis associated with maximum rehabilitation for persons with disability to achieve full participation of persons with disability in social life and national development with considering human rights perspective.

The overarching outcome will be reached through the following specific outputs:

Output 1.1: Enhanced human capacities and institutional effectiveness for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and rehabilitation of disabilities.

Output 1.2: Co-ordinated and well organized efficient efforts towards removal of barriers to social, economic and educational inclusion of persons with disability.

Output 1.3: Increased technical expertise and organizational capacities for implementation of Universal design and country wide use of technology enablers.

Who finance this project ?

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