Early learning and disability challenges programme

What is this project about?

The aims of this Programme are to remove barriers to inclusion of individuals with disabilities in Kuwait, to empower persons with disabilities in Kuwait to achieve their full potentials and to enable them to fully contribute to the society in which they form a part. This Programme, therefore, compliments the efforts of the Government of Kuwait to include persons with disabilities in the society in line with its international commitments and obligations specified in the United Nations’ International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which Kuwait signed in 2009.

Expected Outputs

1. Raise awareness of disabilities and early learning challenges.

2. Develop nationally standardized tools for the identification of at-risk individuals.

3. Develop nationally standardized intervention and remedial Programme in Arabic to overcome literacy and numeracy deficits of Kuwaiti learning disabled individuals.

4. Upgrade and strengthen national technical and institutional capacity of existing training Programme working in the field of disabilities in Kuwait.

Non-Governmental Organizations benefited from the ELDC project     
1.    Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching
2.    Kuwait Autism Society,
3.    Kuwait Dyslexia Association,
4.    Kuwait Teachers’ Association,
5.    Kuwait Society for Learning Difference,
6.    Kuwait Society for the Protection of Children.

Governmental Organizations benefited from the ELDC Project     
7.    Ministry of Education
8.    Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour
9.    Public Authority for the Disabled

What have we accomplished so far?

  1. Technical Studies Conducted and Published/Produced:
    1. A Standardization Study of a computer based dyslexia screener (Kuwait Dyslexia Association).

    2. Inclusion in Kuwait and Inclusive Educational Schools Project (Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching).

    3. Strategic Plan for Kuwait Society for Learning Difference (Kuwait Society for Learning Difference).

    4. Strategic Plan for Kuwait Autism Centre (Kuwait Autism Centre).

    5. A Study to establish a Disability Information Centre at the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education).

    6. A Study for a Curriculum Design for Slow Learners at Secondary School Level at the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education).

    7. Study of Violence Against children and anti-bullying efforts in Kuwait (Kuwait Association for the Protection of Children).
    8. Criteria for the identification of Movement and Hearing Disabilities in Kuwait (Public Authority of the Disabled). 
    9. Criteria for the identification of Hearing Disabilities in Kuwait (Public Authority of the Disabled).

    10. Kuwait National Prize for Best Teachers in Special Education (Kuwait Association for Learning Difference).

  2. Nationally Standardized Tests produced:
    1. Arabic Diagnostic Placement Tests (Grade 1 till 9) for the assessment of Learning Disabilities (Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching).

    2. Arabic Computer based Learning Disabilities Screener (Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching).

    3. Arabic IPhone Application for the identification of At Risk individuals of Dyslexia (Kuwait Dyslexia Association).  

  3. Awareness Activities: 
    1. Participated in and gave a Key note speech at Al Nibras Second Spring Conference on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (March 2011).
    2. Participated and sponsored the International Day for the Disabled (December 3rd 2011, 2012 and 2013).
    3. Participated and co-sponsored First and Second International Conferences on Learning Challenges: LDs and AD(H)D in 2011 and 2013.
  4. Publications Produced and Printed
    1.  Kuwait Guide for Disability Service Centres (2011).
    2. Kuwait Guide for Disability Service Government, schools and private centres (2012).
    3. Report Study on the prevalence of Dyslexia in Kuwait. 
  5. Workshops and Training:
    1. Kuwait Teachers’ Association early learning and reading training for parents.
    2.  Kuwait Society for the Protection of Children training courses for school counsellors.
    3. Kuwait Autism Society training programmes development. 

    4. Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour (Early Intervention Centre) training to build capacity to local staff working there.
    5. Kuwait Association for Learning Difference (KALD): Training to staff on how to deal with LDs and AD(H)D.
    6. Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching training for school principals on Inclusive Education schools management techniques.

Who finances this project?

Government of Kuwait

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