National Drug Use Prevention Policy and Management

What is the project about?


The project aims to help reducing the extent and effects of the drug use problem and death from drug use overdose in Kuwait, guided by the Kuwait National Development Plan and responding to the identified drug use issues, gaps, and needs, situation appropriate actions will be advanced. Actions towards improving drug use prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and community reintegration services will be effected. Policies and services will be developed, streamlined, and decentralized. Capacity building will be provided to support the implementation of the services. Awareness raising will also be performed.

Expected outputs:

Output 1:      Improved in depth knowledge of drug use prevention related services and national situation, and establishment of national policy and management body for national streamlined efforts.

Output 2:      Increased streamlining of needed services by working within an agreed upon Drug Use Prevention Policy and Management Strategy, Operational Plan, integrating gender equality and sensitivity, and human rights issues, for efficient provision of services.

Output 3:  Enhanced institutional services, human capacities, and implementation of targeted services and interventions, to reinforce national awareness of the problem and to reach drug use affected individuals and families.

Who finances this project?

Government Of Kuwait

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