Together, Advancing South-South and triangular cooperation & the SDGs 2030 Agenda

In mainstreaming South-South collaboration and building of partnerships, UNDP Kuwait has been engaging other UN agencies, such as ILO, IOM, UN Women, UNEP, UNESCO, UNODC and UNFPA, on several key project areas, mainly gender equality; labour and migrant issues; environment and energy; cultural heritage; drug use prevention; anti-corruption; youth empowerment; and data collection and analysis. These partnerships are instrumental in leveraging and making optimal use of their technical expertise and to support best practices. Moreover, and in collaboration with the UN Office for South-South and Triangular Cooperation, a nationally managed roster of consultants has been established to support the government in the achieving of the 7 pillars of its national development plan. UNDP has also been conceptualizing the establishing of a Humanitarian and Resilience Center capitalizing on the country’s global standing in the humanitarian sector and the leadership associated nomination by the UNSG. Further, and with the expansion of the partnership with the UNDESA in an effort to further position Kuwait with the bigger UN system, UNDP has successfully supported the government in the on-boarding of the 3rd cohort of Junior Programme Officers.

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