80% of traffic project implemented, says Ministry

May 5, 2012


Kuwait has marked its commitment to improving traffic initiatives last week. In collaboration with UNDP Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior and the Government have ensured the implementation of the UN resolutions for improving road safety in the country. The event marked the first anniversary of the integration of the plan concerning the advancement of national traffic initiatives.

An important project geared to better the traffic situation in Kuwait has made major strides. The project is set to aid the traffic and transport sector for the next ten years and is a cooperative effort between the Government of Kuwait and United Nations Development Programme. In a press statement, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Mustafa AlZaabi, has asserted that the bulk of the project has been implemented.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Mustafa AlZaabi, explained the that percentage of the implementation of this developmental project has amounted to 80 percent. In a statement, he expressed his commitment to work on this project over the next ten years. He also asserted that the project includes the construction of a national system of traffic and geography information to provide an electronic medium from which the general public can be informed on the situation.

Moreover, the Ministry pointed out that the strategy will include a system which deals with highly-congested points in the road system and area known to have difficulties when it comes to transportation. This will hopefully improve the traffic situation in the future and provide information on how to deal with such issues for the betterment of the Kuwaiti public.

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