Minister calls for e-waste treatment law overhaul

Jun 4, 2012

Kuwait's Environment


Kuwait's Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Planning and Development Affairs, Dr. Fadhel Safar, stressed the significance of revamping pieces of legislation and laws pertaining to e-waste treatment. Addressing an important electronic waste treatment conference supported by UNDP Kuwait, the minister said it is necessary to overhaul e-waste treatment laws.

Regarding the conference, he said it mainly aims to highlight the e-waste problem as a major challenge to humanity, and to find more effective ways to resolve it in light of the present stupendous technological advancement. He urged all sides involved, be they public or private, to give more attention to this major problem in order to reduce the effects of e-waste pollution.

He warned against merging electronic wastes with other wastes, since this can lead to fires and other environmental disasters. He added that the government seeks to take advantage of recommendations and legislations that are in favor of the public welfare. He explained that as a result of advanced technology and its rapid development, it is necessary to find suitable means to destroy electronic wastes; especially that most gadgets have mercury and other hazardous substances to the environment and public health. He went on to say that all advanced countries seek convenient and proper means to get rid of wastes through recycling or exporting them to other countries for recycling.

He noted that all government authorities in Kuwait must collaborate to get rid of those wastes, such as the Public Authority for Industry that should allocate pieces of land to build factories for people interested in recycling electronic wastes. He mentioned that the municipality must set terms and regulations for methods used in collecting wastes.
The Kuwaiti minister considered the conference a significant opportunity for the conferees to share experience and information on the problem and to come up with effective recommendations.

The Minister noted that Kuwait's national development plan provides for collecting and recycling e-waste. Moreover, the United Nations Development Programme official in Kuwait, Mai Al-Essa, applauded the efforts exerted by Kuwait to accomplish the goals of sustainable environment.Furthermore, Chairman and Managing Director of Estedama Holding Company Khaled Al-Mutawwa highlighted the importance of recycling electronic wastes, and asserted that Kuwait can spearhead this field, if it receives government support.

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