National Youth Survey conducted by UNDP Kuwait

May 17, 2012


UNDP Kuwait has been making great efforts to develop a national survey that is set to spearhead the Youth Programme’s future initiatives. This new project is one of a number of assessments the programme is undergoing to better cater to the needs of youth nationally. Little to no research exists on youth in Kuwait, a common challenge for most human development planners. Despite that, Kuwaiti youth have much to offer and are well aware of the challenges that make it difficult for youth empowerment to be more than a common reality in Kuwait.

For the Youth Programme, this survey is as much about creating a space where youth can express themselves freely and honestly about some of these challenges; as well as about allowing youth to have a direct say in the planning of future projects that will affect them.  

The survey has been through a process of multiple reviews by several well-reputed academic professors from the longstanding Kuwait University. At various times, Dr. Yagoub Al-Kandiri, Dr. Shafeeq Al-Ghabra and Dr. Ghanim Al-Najar all provided valuable feedback on the survey to ensure it’s unbiased and fair nature. All three professors work in either political or behavioral science backgrounds and have research interests in youth. For final approval, the survey was then referred to an academic committee of seven members active in the social and behavioral field to ensure the surveys accuracy.

Considering the fact that there is a considerable population bulge of youth in Kuwait (with 60% of Kuwait’s population under the age of 25) this project will help in supporting future projects that pertain to this significant demographic. UNDP Kuwait is seeking to collect information from approximately 750 youth respondents between the ages of 15 and 30. Important considerations are given to access youth of various social and geographical backgrounds, including marginalized groups in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of youth in Kuwait.

Research-based projects such as this survey and others like it will go a long way to ensure both the success and sustainability of the Youth Programme at UNDP that will continuously aim to strengthen youth empowerment in Kuwait. This project is yet another testimony to how youth perspectives that are included in the development agenda will advance economic growth, social inclusion and general political stability.

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