Mapping out an environmental plan



The issue of the Kuwaiti environment is a long overdue concern. Like the rest of the world, Kuwait is trying to take steps to better its environmental progress and protect its climate. Initiatives in place plan to approach this issue from many angles. An important one includes highlighting the country’s entire environmental scope in order to understand the framework of the direction needed to improve the national conditions. One project aims to bridge that gap between the need for environmental development and the scientific data required to implement crucial initiatives.

Kuwait Integrated Environmental Information Network Phase-IV (KIEIN) is a project the will help support Kuwait in gathering data and information on the local environment. KIEIN data is organized and stored in one unified central database, which is called the “geo-environmental” database.The database achieves integration of KISR spatial data, through simultaneous access by several users, this is done by utilizing the versioning capability of multi-user geo-databases. All datasets of the Geo-Environmental database were grouped under environment-related data domains, according to the common standard data definitions.The project entails mapping out the environmental grid on the country’s landscape. It will highlight the main areas of concern when it comes to pollution and other important environmental occurrences.


  • Provision of information and research on Kuwait's environment
  • Developing an online portal for easy-access and communication
  • Creating environmental awareness among researchers, the media and the Kuwaiti public

Considering all research is successful, the project will document environmental indicators and tools available that will be useful and easily accessible to interested researchers in Kuwait and internationally. Basically, the project aims to produce a database of information that will provide information for future researchers to understand the environmental sphere of Kuwait and try to develop it with the knowledge at hand.

There are many expectations for such a project. The first is the production of a study on relevant environmental indicators for the country. This will help in the provision of a reliable database to build environmental initiatives in the future. The official website explains: “The web-based application makes spatial datasets (and information) available on KISR Intranet. In order to make spatial information accessible to all the research community, a selected collection of spatial datasets are published over the Internet.”

The second expected output includes expanding and enhancing a KIEIN-related website as an environmental data tool for dissemination to interested parties. This will help get word out on the project and also inspire media interest in the environmental issues and the information presented in it.

The final output deals with an important factor when is comes to environmental initiatives. It handles the promotion of awareness and the usage of the KIEIN website toward protecting Kuwait's habitats. Awareness is one of the ultimate goals of this project in order to fully implement developmental progress in this field.

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