Raising awareness on Kuwaiti family law

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Raising awareness to promote gender equality and, in turn, the standards of living of Kuwaiti families is crucial to creating a healthy environment for humans to functions. Therefore, a greater understanding of law and its protections can guide a society with the needed to tools in prosper and develop.

It is important for woman in Kuwait to have a full understanding of the law and to spread the awareness throughout their circles and to the youth of the country. That is why there is a pressing need for such a programme.


  • The importance of highlighting and maintaining the relation ship between UNDP Kuwait and WCSS to achieve collaborative goals.
  • This collaboration's results has helped produce a TV ad titled "Your Law Is Your Light."
  • This initiative continues to play an essential role in informing members of the society of their lawful rights.

UNDP Kuwait provided support to the Women Cultural and Social Society (WCSS) campaign to raise awareness of the Kuwaiti Family Law.  The awareness campaign, in cooperation with UNIFEM, and Freedom House, was under the maxim “Your Law is your Light”, and was launched on March 9th and continued until the end of March 2008.  It consisted of banners, newspaper, buses and street posts advertisements.  It included the message for women that the law is with you; get to know it to protect your life and your legal rights.

It builds on the past successful cooperation between UNDP Kuwait and the WCSS in the political awareness campaign “Exercise Your Rights; Let Your Voice be Heard” in the 2006 elections which played a significant role in encouraging Kuwaiti women to practice their political rights as voters and candidates.

UNDP Kuwait support to WCSS in this legal awareness campaign comes in accordance with the new Country Programme, as part of the Gender and Social Development area and the laws and legislations area.  It is considered as a good start in laying the grounds and preparing the stakeholders and the public in an attempt to sensitize them and raise their awareness of legal rights at the same time. The cooperation presents UNDP with a good opportunity to beat of the civil society efforts to support Kuwaiti women. 

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