The prospect of a greener Kuwait



Environmental awareness in Kuwait has risen in the past couple of years. With the “Green Movement” sweeping over the world, Kuwait has taken notice of this phenomenon and adopted it as an important idea. This idea is not only a global one, but also a local notion that spreads amongst every household in the nation.

Along with UNDP Kuwait, there are several agencies in the field trying to keep the public’s attention on this issue. For example, a number of agencies teamed up to commemorate World Environment Day along with UNDP Kuwait. The event highlighted the main issues in protecting the marine environment in Kuwait - a multi-faceted topic that was treated as such.


  • Environmental events occur more frequently in Kuwait, whether in the media or other events.
  • Numerous schools in the country contributed in delivering the message of a greener Kuwait.
  • UNDP Kuwait teams up with other agencies to help formulate a collaborative effort on these initiatives.

Moreover, the importance of this issue has been manifesting in the governmental circles. The partnership and cooperation between UNDP and the Kuwaiti government on these pivotal concerns goes back to more than 40 years.

UNDP staff member Mai AlEssa, who is in charge of the Environmental Programme, explained: “This cooperation developed and corrected activities and practices that negatively affected the environment. On this occasion we ensure that we should all unify our efforts in order to serve the environment.”

Various schools in the country embarked on a project tied to the event that is geared to bring awareness on the environmental issues that pertain to their everyday life. The schools were commissioned to deliver a video of public service that showcases the urgent need for a greener and more environmentally-friendly Kuwait.

Six schools delivered videos that were presented during the event. These schools included New English School, Universal American School, Jazaer High School, Burgan High School and AlNibras International School.

The winner of the environmental film competition was Al-Ruaya Bilingual School which exhibited a 3-minute film on the power of social media and word-of-mouth to spread awareness about the local environment.

This event helped reach an important demographic of society - the youth. The project was geared to shine a light on these issues and create a subject matter of concern in educational institutions helping expand the discussion further to support a greener and well-informed Kuwait. 

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